1. Andrew

    I am a bit confused about this sentence:
    “In fact, in the ESV translation of the Bible, justice and righteousness are mentioned in the same verse 44 times!”
    Is it the same verse or the same chapter? I wasn’t sure which verse you were referencing so I couldn’t check on it myself.

    Great article!

    • neal.hardin1@gmail.com

      Sorry I should reword that. I mean that in 44 different verses, justice and righteousness occur in that same verse. Hope that helps!

  2. Bobby

    Thank you wonderfully written and very helpful to me. Your use of Holy Scripture really makes for clear understanding how authority must governed to please the Lord God.

  3. Wesley Holbrook

    For the upcoming 2020 Election, I shall vote for a leader that represents all Americans and with a conscience not anyone running that belittles, slanders, or dehumanizes others due to their own personal emotional insecurities.

    • Dawn RICHERSON

      Which means you voted for Joe??? Because you were looking for a Messianic leader? King Cyrus was a leader who didn’t know God. King David was a leader after God’s own heart, even though he committed adultery with his friend’s wife and sent his friend, Uriah, to be killed in the war. The Left is diabolical with diabolical policies. They embrace what is abhorrent to Christ and are leading the world to its well-deserved destruction. Maranatha!

  4. Donna Matchefts

    Thank you for this article. Truth, humility, compassion, and integrity matter. I’m tired of hearing, “We’re not voting for a pastor-in-chief.”

  5. Denise Foster

    Thank you for posting this. When you couple it with the instructions given in Ex 18 about choosing a judge (the person who interpreted G-d’s teachings and instructions to the people via the Torah), and 1 Tim 3 about what you look for in those who serve in leadership of “the church” (those that supposedly are following G-d, not building or set of doctrines)… one cannot escape the idea that when we are given the opportunity to choose our leadership, we are to do so wisely, looking for someone who leads as G-d would. (This was why the kings of the bible were known as the “sons of G-d” (one behaving as G-d would in the position) or the “messiah” (the annointed one for a particular role – king, priest, prophet)… leaders should reflect the character of G-d. Choosing leaders that do not means that we choose a leader NOT going the direct G-d says it the right road.

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